Our solution for Colisée

Colisée, Europe’s leading provider of care for the elderly, favours a person-centred approach to caring for the elderly, emphasising the importance of listening and respect. Since March 2021, as a company with a mission, Colisée has been committed to promoting quality ageing, based on three pillars: quality of life for seniors, quality of life for teams, and reducing the environmental impact.


In 2022, Colisée published its first mission report. The objective for the next edition was clear: demonstrate transparency and offer a qualitative report in terms of both content and form, giving a voice to its ecosystem.

Colisée wanted to produce an educational communication tool to explain to different audiences the main issues addressed by the company. It was an exercise in perspective, authenticity and proof, while integrating the vision of multiple stakeholders.


To achieve these objectives, The Editorialist teams proposed a new structure. This involved integrating interviews, visual data and a new artistic direction. The aim was to enhance both content and form.

2022 Mission Committee Report

2023 Mission Committee Report

Thanks to our agile collaboration with the Colisée teams, we gathered all the information from different European countries. We then coordinated the editorial and creative aspects of the project. We also managed the English translation of the report.


months to complete the full report
+ 10
interviews conducted with experts inside and outside the company
data visualization
Last updated on 7 November 2023 per Team Edito

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