Content Marketing & Customer communication

Build your company’s reputation and raise its profile thanks to a tailor-made Content Marketing Strategy.

Why develop a Content Marketing strategy?

Content marketing is not just about producing content. It’s about creating and sharing relevant, high-quality content. It needs to engage and interest your audience. To win over prospects and build customer loyalty, you need great content that is SEO-friendly and sent out at the right time. We can help by assisting you to create engaging content for your acquisition, loyalty and nurture marketing campaigns.

Sustain and renew over the long-term

From writing articles and white papers to maintaining a website or blog, we are always thinking about the best ways to boost SEO, while enhancing your brand’s name and profile. With our original content and varied and attractive editorial formats, we will make sure that your marketing and communication strategy is a resounding success.

An essential driver for developing your visibility and engaging your community

It takes time to raise your profile and build a solid reputation: key to this is to produce high value added content on a regular basis.

Whether you are the head of communications or in charge of media and public relations, we can help to power your newsroom and grow your reputation across a full range of web channels.

What we propose is simple:

  • we take a journalistic approach to showcase your expertise,
  • engage your communities through attractive and diversified formats,
  • and, just as importantly, take some critical distance and build interest by involving key influencers.