What we do

The Editorialist is organised around three main divisions: 

  • The Editorial Team, whose editorial managers provide guidance and steer our customers’ editorial projects, in partnership with our exclusive network of specialised journalists and writers.

  • The Studio, which creates media sites, newsletters, social media and all the multimedia content, podcasts, infographics, videos and other material that we publish. Our Studio specialises in the visual and audiovisual treatment of information and is great at taking complex issues and making them accessible and engaging.

  • The Marketing & Sales Team, whose job is to guide communication and marketing pros, advising them on which editorial drivers can best meet their challenges and priorities.

Our approach

The Editorialist combines expertise in three key areas: editorial communication, multimedia and sector insight. Each content item is designed by a two-person team, comprising an editorial manager assigned specifically to you and who supervises all of your context creation, together with a journalist or writer with expertise in your sector.

We put our digital skills to work as we take care of SEO and reporting, and deploy innovative formats, such as podcasts, motion design and snack content. This approach ensures that every single item of content features your key messages while demonstrating a thorough command of the main issues in your sector.

Our Creative Studio provides editorial managers with the support they need to produce multimedia formats (videos, infographics, podcasts, etc.). Our creative managers are experts in digital and visual communication and manage all digital content.

When should you outsource editorial production?

Typically, if you lack the in-house expertise or resources to meet the challenging task of producing increasingly strategic and regular content. Companies may also go down this route in order to take their content to the next level, by incorporating a more distinctive style or new formats, for instance. Another reason might be to coincide with a new initiative, such as a website overhaul, blog launch or LinkedIn posts.

When it comes to the increasingly strategic topic of sustainability, an outside perspective and specialised expertise can help you avoid greenwashing.

We are on hand to help at every stage in your content strategy, whether by providing occasional support on a specific format or handling the launch of your new customer-centred digital media from start right through to finish.




We hold an initial work session, led by our editorial team, to identify key topics for your organisation. We identify your spokespersons, activities you want to highlight, and the editorial tone that you are looking to strike in content production.


Based on your needs, we set up an editorial committee that may meet monthly, bimonthly or according to a schedule of your choice, which will consider topic choices, potential angles, experts and editorial formats consistent with the editorial strategy that we drew up together. An interactive editorial calendar is made available to you so that you can monitor proposed content and production timelines.


A dedicated team comprising a journalist and an editorial manager is assigned to produce your content. You will receive an initial proposal, which you are free to adjust as needed. We will then send you detailed monthly or quarterly reports so that you can analyse the performance of published content and get the best out of your programme.

How much does it cost?

We do our level best to set the fairest possible prices for our customers, partners and teams. Every item of content is informed by our triple editorial, digital and sector expertise, and includes editorial consulting, groundwork for interviews, creation of editorial content, and back-and-forth conversations. All of these aspects are critical to creating successful content and call on a wide range of specific expertise, with between two and six topic experts involved in producing each item. We do not charge on a time-per-person basis: each content item has an all-inclusive price. No hidden fees: pricing is fully transparent, making life easier for you and us as well!

Find out more about each editorial solution by clicking on the factsheet.

Call our experts to talk about ways to get the most out of your editorial budget. We firmly believe that it is better to produce less but make sure what you do create is of superb quality! Great content remains impactful several months after it comes out.