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Key communication challenges in finance

Outside of a handful of world-famous funds, finance sector businesses tend not to be household names. You need to do three things to tackle this challenge.

1. Lift your firm’s reputation

A key goal of your investment firm is to get your name out to senior managers of SMEs and mid-tier companies and build their interest in enlisting your support. To do that, you need to showcase your expertise, in-depth knowledge of specific industries and the personal and strategic support offered by your team members.

By shining a light on your expertise and positioning your firm as an opinion leader on the market, you can stand out from the crowd.

This is why more and more investment firms are looking to highlight the tailored support that they offer, particularly to set themselves apart from the rapidly proliferating online investment platforms.

2. Build confidence and boost credibility

Another key factor in building a business with longevity is to forge trusted relationships with stakeholders, including senior execs, investors and partners.

And, more generally, nurture ties of shared trust and credibility with the following communities:

  • investors (funds of funds)
  • institutional investors
  • the financial press
  • the business and financial community
  • securities regulators and other supervisory bodies
Communication in finance

3. Talk effectively about sustainable finance

The third communication challenge that has emerged in recent years is for firms to showcase their sustainability approach and talk about it to the business and financial community.

Sustainable finance-focused communication can address several different aspects. Specifically, it can:

  • Clarify the investment choices of your retail or other customers by informing them about the sustainability risks and main adverse impacts of their investments.
  • Create better awareness about the CSR changes that your portfolio companies are making, and how you are backing these developments quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • Show the impact of the fund itself on society and the environment, and provide information on changes in ESG governance within your organisation.

👉 Beware of greenwashing pitfalls in a sector where sustainability communication is still a work in progress. Share reliable, contextualised information that is backed up by evidence.

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What are your goals?

Reach your goals with our tailored support and expert content:

  • Get your name out to the companies in which you would like to invest
  • Build your reputation and raise the profile of your fund or company
  • Grow your employer brand
  • Maintain your social media presence
  • Engage with investors and shareholders through high-quality communication
  • Showcase your CSR initiatives
  • Need to communicate in French and in English? Our native-speaker experts can work with you in the language of your choice.

Formats tailored to the needs of your customers and investors

Diversify your formats – not only can you be confident of keeping your communities well informed, you will also set yourself apart by actually meeting their needs!

  • Press releases: share the latest news
  • Thematic special features: dig into an investment theme, support the launch of a new fund or investment strategy
  • Motion design video: pick out the key messages in a complex document
  • A CSR Report to showcase your ESG policy, your actions and the support you provide to the companies in your portfolio, thanks to a comprehensive annual document providing expert viewpoints and figures.
  • Monthly, bimonthly or quarterly newsletter: lead your community, share your expertise, keep in touch outside official gatherings such as roadshows
  • Case studies / success stories: make an investment strategy more understandable through stories focused on tangible/practical aspects and talk about the positive trajectory of portfolio companies
  • Sector analyses: contextualise and provide information about key trends in a given industry
  • Video interviews: put a human face to your strategy and educate audiences about your main themes and challenges
  • Infographics: make KPIs, stats and targets easier to grasp with short descriptive phrases and contextual elements.



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