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No industry understands the meaning of resilience better than the tourism and hotel sector. The sector has bounced back amazingly from its battering by the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused business to shut down almost completely. Driven by powerful consumer demand, international tourism has clawed back much of the lost ground, recovering 87% of pre-pandemic levels between January and September 2023.1 But changes are afoot, and tourism firms now face a new crop of challenges. One of the biggest is how to transition to a more sustainable tourism model that addresses environmental concerns while meeting travellers’ new expectations.


According to research from, 83% of travellers worldwide think sustainable travel is essential. A full 61% of survey respondents said that the pandemic strengthened their intention to travel more eco-consciously in the future. By stressing their commitment to the environment, destinations such as Austria are standing out from the crowd and boosting their appeal.

Companies in the sector now tout their green initiatives as standard. But the risk of greenwashing is real. By working with outside experts, you can gain an objective perspective on your own initiatives and hone your communication strategy.

You don’t have to be perfect to communicate. At each stage, as you make headway on sustainability topics, you can adjust your content to highlight your commitments and advances. Sustainability charters, articles by experts, guidelines and reports can tell your story as it unfolds.

👉 Greenhushing is a major trend in hotel and tourism right now, as some companies look to avoid criticism by simply not talking about their sustainability commitments and initiatives. But this is something that firms ill-afford to do if they want to be more transparent. In fact, communicating about these issues and challenges will help to make your firm’s stance even more credible.


The tourism and hotel sector is fiercely competitive, with many firms providing comparable solutions, particularly when it comes to accommodations and package deals. This makes it vital to develop a distinct brand identity and a content strategy that highlights your company’s value added. Travellers want authentic, personalised experiences and dream of journeys that are out of the ordinary. They are looking for products that align with their interests and values, but that also allow them to live unique experiences.

To meet these expectations, companies need to get away from standard promotional content and embrace formats that tell real-life stories. Why not create pieces featuring interviews with local guides? Or videos focusing on the heritage preservation or animal protection aspects of a specific trip. You could also write a blog or make a podcast series illustrating your brand’s commitment to sustainable tourism.


The tourism and hotel sector sits just behind catering with one of the highest turnover rates around, according to research by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The reasons are well-known: working conditions are often precarious, which directly impacts staff loyalty. If your company has introduced measures to improve these conditions, such as training opportunities, competitive pay and flexible working time, you need to communicate about this effectively, both inside and outside the organisation.

Internal communication plays a key role in building staff loyalty. Make sure your employees are totally up to speed on the benefits and opportunities on offer, for example by conducting regular surveys. But remember to communicate externally about your strengths as well. You could do this by setting up a dedicated landing page on your website, managing the Company News section of your LinkedIn page, and creating video portraits of staff members.

Polish up your employer brand by spotlighting working conditions that set you apart from your rivals.

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The hotel and tourism sector is buzzing again. Because of the diverse array of participants operating in the sector, which range from hotel chains and travel agencies to cruise specialists and B&Bs, your communication needs to be tailored and targeted. Firms must craft communication strategies that not only address new customer expectations, but also reflect the specific cultural, environmental and economic features of the destinations they serve.


Whether you want to promote your travel solutions in a fresh and innovative way, communicate on recent trends in sustainable tourism, or give your hotels a higher profile, we understand the challenges and issues of your sector. We have a team of multilingual editorial experts specialised in hotel and tourism. These pros know how to bring out your points of difference, promote your destinations and tailor messages to your multicultural audiences.

Example of an editorial programme

Each month, four pieces of content to showcase your experiences or destinations, your approach and your professions:

Interview with a partner or team member

Focus article on a successful initiative

Field report (event coverage, immersive reporting, etc.) and mini-destination guide

Story presenting news in an attractive and compelling format

This type of content will keep audiences in the loop and raise your profile. Whether they manage a hotel or book trips, let your employees speak. It’s a great way to put a human face on what you do and enhance your employer brand. By tackling topical themes, from sustainable tourism to personalised customer experiences or innovations in hotel reception, you can position yourself as a leader in your key areas.


  • Identify spokespersons to share your know-how and values

  • Show what is really happening through reports, interviews and other relevant content

  • Create multimedia content to capture interest with original angles

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