Our solution for L’Oréal

L’Oréal group is the world’s leading cosmetics group, with a presence in over 150 countries, 36 brands and more than 86,000 employees. 

Challenge & approach

In 2019, we were approached by the L’Oréal group to help them revamp their website. Our team was tasked with restructuring the site, writing engaging content and driving traffic.

Our team was responsible for ensuring overall coherence in the site structure and editorial tone, which were tailored to the specific needs of various target audiences: B2C customers, journalists, sector experts, current and future employees, NGOs, investors, etc.

The Group’s cutting-edge approach was also reflected in the choice of editorial content, with stories available directly on the site in addition to feature articles.

Finally, to enhance cross-functionality between the Group’s diverse core businesses, we have created content by theme, in alignment with L’Oréal’s strong commitments (societal, environmental and product).

Content production

In order to meet these challenges, we have produced a wide range of content and covered as many subjects, sectors, industries and issues as possible.

Editorial Content

Brand Book

The results

+20 experts
from our network of professionals—which includes English-speaking journalists, editorial secretaries, and translators—were mobilized.
9 months
we smashed the record for producing all website content.
+70 articles
written on a wide range of topics

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Last updated on 6 July 2023 per Team Edito

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