Corporate communication & public relations

In an increasingly complex world, it is a real challenge to convey your firm’s key value creation drivers in a user-friendly and understandable format. The answer is to produce regular, high value-added content. The content that we create will shine a light on your long-term commitments and aspirations, revealing a reality that is lived at every level of the organisation. This will enable you to build authentic relationships with key audiences – investors, shareholders, financial press, analysts – and overhaul your communication approach to reach new qualified audiences

Corporate communication at a crossroads

Investors, partners and, more broadly, the public are no longer satisfied with figures and financial results; they want to understand a company’s mission and “raison d’être”, in short, its impact on society.

The content we produce brings your commitments to life over the long term, giving meaning to your values and objectives and showing that they are concrete reality embodied at every level of the company.

Our editorial approach enables your company to stand out from the competition. Specific, innovative and substantiated content enables you to establish an authentic relationship with a wide range of audiences (investors, shareholders, media, citizens, NGOs, etc.) while modernising your communication processes to reach new, qualified audiences.

Strengthening the collective mindset

Many companies and multinationals experience an institutional duality between the head office (the parent company) and the subsidiaries (brands, other entities, etc.). The challenge lies in the ability to promote these subsidiaries while establishing a coherent and impactful global communications strategy.

Developing a solid image for a parent company requires specific positioning: sharing clear guidelines with countries/brands/subsidiaries, exploring innovative subjects, and developing messages that unite and highlight the pride of belonging to a group.

Thought leadership and public relations

Public relations is a strategic asset that enables you to build, maintain and strengthen the link between your company and its various audiences.

Through the strategic use of expert opinion pieces, press releases and shareholder letters, they help build your brand image and reputation.

The content we produce is there to establish your role as an active player in its ecosystem, to show that you are helping to shift position lines.

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