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We are united by a curiosity about what is going on right now around us and our deep interest in the health of the planet, society and the economy. We want to understand, to get some critical distance, and to help new, more virtuous, models to come to the forefront. Companies are a powerful force for collective change: from fostering more enlightened consumption habits to taking urgent action on the environment and embracing more inclusive practices, big changes are afoot, and we are lucky enough to be documenting them from the inside. That is The Editorialist’s mission: we want to report on the transformations that are taking place right now in the business world, by giving a voice to the people who are making them happen.

We have a shared interest in editorial aspects, content and media, cultivated through our diverse backgrounds. Our team boasts journalists and PhDs, but also former staffers from major media companies, the world of finance, CAC40 businesses and start-ups. Drop by our office or swing by one of the local cafés that we frequent, and you’ll find us chatting about everything from Ancient Greek beauty routines to organic baby food, tips for camper van getaways, hot stock market moves and the latest LinkedIn formats.

The Editorialist team is based in Paris and London, but we also work remotely from the Basque Country, Alsace, Deux-Sèvres and Brittany!

Are we a good match?

Our team is made up of individuals with many talents.

However, we look for a common set of skills in all candidates:

  • You want to better understand a wide range of topics and industries
  • Excellent spelling
  • The ability to work independently and proactively on your topics

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