Snackable content

Boost your engagement on social media with short, impactful content. As its name suggests, snackable content is bite-sized. Often built using a multimedia approach, it is a great way to share your content on social media.

Use snackable content to cover a topic in brief and easily digestible way. You can also link it back to longer-form content on your website. Snackable content gets you more points of contact with your audiences, and you can tailor communications to suit the ways in which your targets consume information.

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Strengthen the engagement of your community with content that is perfectly tailored to social media

Quickly highlight key information with content that is easy to identify and share

Create gateways to other content to recruit qualified audiences

Tip from our editorial expert:

With gifs, video loops, key figures, quotes and more, snackable content harnesses social media conventions to get your key messages across efficiently and spotlight your spokespersons and team members.

What we include

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A framing workshop is organised with the editorial team to discuss topics, spokespersons, activities you want to highlight, and the editorial tone.


A monthly editorial committee: each month proposals for themes, angles, speakers and editorial formats consistent with the editorial strategy defined together. You will find all the content offered and the delivery dates on your online editorial calendar.


Content production: a two-person team made up of a journalist specialised in your area and an editorial manager who produces and edits content while ensuring overall consistency. We also send you a monthly or quarterly tracking report so that you monitor content performance and get the best out of your programme.

What we promise

A simple system

• Your editorial manager handles content production from start to finish
• You can access your online editorial calendar whenever you want

A quality commitment

• We proactively suggest angles, topics and outside speakers
• SEO: we integrate your appropriate keywords
• We conduct spell checking and ensure that plagiarism and duplicate content are prevented

Reliable and responsive service

• Communication and journalism experts who know your sector and the expectations of your audiences
• Editorial advisors who are only a call away and who will guide you to the solution that best meets your needs
• We will give you an answer within the day; average turnaround time for an in-depth article is five business days

Fair pricing

• A single pricing structure for all customers ensures a fair price for you and for our journalists
• Policy of unlimited back-and-forth conversations: no hidden fees

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