Companies are a powerful force for collective change: from fostering more enlightened consumption habits to taking urgent action on the environment and embracing more inclusive practices, big changes are afoot, and we are lucky enough to be documenting them from the inside.

Our mission: accelerating positive change through content

Committed for almost 10 years to editorial creation & B2B communication, we are convinced that content storytelling is accelerating positive change.

Editorial is a key factor for transformation or acceleration for all key business challenges: developing and selling new offers, promoting economic and extra-financial performance, improving its CSR impact, maintaining customer relations, supporting its talents and ensuring the fluidity of its organization.

We believe that businesses have a vital role to play in developing the new economic models that are more respectful of the major social and environmental balances to which we aspire.

To spearhead these transformations, companies require effective communication with their target audiences, which includes customers, potential customers, investors, employees, candidates and partners. Our core business is producing content that enables economic players to accelerate their transformation processes. Our team of editorial experts, our multimedia studio and our exclusive international network of journalists and content creators specialising in the 50+ sectors we cover enable us to deliver this content.


Our job : to assist businesses to better inform their different audiences, whether these be customers, prospects, journalists, employees, investors, shareholders or partners, through high value added expert content

To do this, we relay on two main assets :

  • Editorial content: we specialize in expert content, to help you build valued relationships with strategic audiences and grow your brand’s reputation. The Editorialist works with you to devise a multi-channel editorial strategy that leverages innovative formats.
  • Publishing: we carry out studies, publications and benchmarks to equip the teams in charge of content and give them a head start on their editorial strategy.

All of our teams are 100% focused on your content topics of all types, such as articles, podcasts, infographics and more.

We love complex topics: our editorial team has deep expertise in a range of sectors, including finance, insurance, real estate, consulting, health, energy, luxury, retail, industry, education and new technologies.

We have a strong focus on sustainability and CSR storytelling. Our teams are experts in the production of CSR reports, digital versions, CSR communication guidelines, editorial platforms, etc.

More than half of our content production is multilingual, we are striving to supply audiences with fully substantiated, practical information wherever the regions you operate.

An authentic, reliable and cutting-edge content

We are driven by our journalistic DNA and our international journalist network striving to inform company’s ecosystem in a fully substantiated, embodied and regular information.

Businesses are helping to shape tomorrow’s world; today, it is vital that they show the path that they have set for themselves. We are proud to be part of a groundswell movement whose goal is to share and fosters genuine exchanges with audiences and enables all parties, from customers to employees or shareholders, to make informed choices.




We produce informative, reliable, properly documented content. A dedicated editorial manager works with you day-to-day, steering content production and suggesting topics, angles, formats and interviewees.


Always on the lookout for new developments in media and communication, we offer leading-edge audio, multimedia, editorial and other formats to boost your content strategy and tap into the latest editorial trends.


We believe that the quality of our content and service depend in the long run on transparent pricing for all of our customers and partners. That means charging everyone the same prices – not specific rates for different customers – and paying our writers and journalists fairly.