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Journalistic articles that showcase your latest news and highlights in an attractive format, maximising the chances of piquing the interest of the media and your ecosystem. Our editorial experts are well versed in the conventions used to select, organise and present information by the journalists targeted by your press releases. By leveraging these conventions, we ensure that your communications stand out from the crowd.

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Share your initiatives, events, new partnerships, appointments, awards and recognition.

Incorporate storytelling in your news with a journalistic rather than promotional tone.

Tip from our editorial expert:

Press releases now reach far beyond the traditional channels. Journalists, but also the communities that follow you, expect to be regularly updated on your latest projects, initiatives and commitments.

What we include

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A framing workshop is organised with the editorial team to discuss topics, spokespersons, activities you want to highlight, and the editorial tone.


A monthly editorial committee: each month proposals for themes, angles, speakers and editorial formats consistent with the editorial strategy defined together. You will find all the content offered and the delivery dates on your online editorial calendar.


Content production: a two-person team made up of a journalist specialised in your area and an editorial manager who produces and edits content while ensuring overall consistency. We also send you a monthly or quarterly tracking report so that you monitor content performance and get the best out of your programme.

What we promise

A simple system

• Your editorial manager handles content production from start to finish
• You can access your online editorial calendar whenever you want

A quality commitment

• We proactively suggest angles, topics and outside speakers
• SEO: we integrate your appropriate keywords
• We conduct spell checking and ensure that plagiarism and duplicate content are prevented

Reliable and responsive service

• Communication and journalism experts who know your sector and the expectations of your audiences
• Editorial advisors who are only a call away and who will guide you to the solution that best meets your needs
• We will give you an answer within the day; average turnaround time for an in-depth article is five business days

Fair pricing

• A single pricing structure for all customers ensures a fair price for you and for our journalists
• Policy of unlimited back-and-forth conversations: no hidden fees

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